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On a fine day, Lim (name changed) called us to automate their seasonal parking payments. He didn’t want to handle the cash payment. He was considering auto-pay machine system to make it convenient for his customers. He found us while searching for payment solutions and called us right away to see if he could help him

Technology of the future? Or obsolete?

Photo of car park entry into seasonal parking with auto-gate closed

He had issued a parking card and was collecting the bill payments manually at the cash register in his office. And every month there were few customers who were missing payments as they were away or didn’t remember. In itself the cash or reminders were not a major problem for Lim. The morning entry point during first few days of the month used to be blocked. Since few car owners hadn’t paid his bills and the auto-gate didn’t allow him inside.

scan copy of the notice board

We have had faced these issues before at our Malaysian tolls many times, and totally understood the frustration of car owners and also Lim. Coincidentally PayAzu was launched with one of the condos by then. So we provisioned the service to Lim in less than 30 mins. Lim got his staff to put up notices at the parking entry, management office and also in all the notice boards to pay parking bills through PayAzu app. By the end of the month, we were able to bring down the late payments from 25 to 2 (the 2 were unreachable). We hope to make sure Lim receives all the payments on-time. Thanks Lim for the opportunity to serve you.

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