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One of the condominiums in posh Mont Kiara area of Kuala Lumpur had a continuing payment problems for their maintenance and water bills. They sent physical bills to the owners address for maintenance bill and tenants post box for water bills. And when people didn’t pay on time, they put a reminder on the notice board of the condominium. However, since most of the owners didn’t reside in the houses, the maintenance outstanding bills reached almost 50,000 RM. The condo was investing a lot of resources in recovering this amount.

We talked to the owners and realized that majority of them did check their bills when they saw their in post-box. However, very few of them remembered when they got back home when they could pay. So, even though they intended to pay, they didn’t since they had forgotten about paying it. Also, the tenants who were supposed to pay condo water bills, didn’t think it was worth their time to go to management office during office hours to pay a 30 RM bill.

We implemented PayAzu with the condominium where they uploaded their bills online to our servers. We worked with them to send a mailer to the tenants and owners to pay their bills using PayAzu app. Around 40% people downloaded in the first week and in 2 months about 80% were using the service. The condo is able to send simple reminders to its tenants and owners. The condo is also planning to make payment through PayAzu as an exclusive service. They plan to remove complete cash registry from the management office.

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