Paperless Payments are more eco-friendly

It is estimated that there is about 1.3 trillion cash in US alone. If all of this was stacked one on top another, it is estimated that we could go half the distance to moon. Now imagine all the cash that is circulating around the globe. This is made even more acute with countries like […]


Fintech will be a local oligopoly market.

Fintech will encroach the banking industry in the next 10 years. However it is interesting to see how the market responds to it and how the industry shapes into the future. Currently all the banks in a country are under the regulation of a central bank of country. Is such a model necessary? Or can […]


Avoid buying a car!

Driving a car has not changed since the locomotive was invented. Of course the reliability of a car, the safety and the cost of cars have been going down for a long time. All this is going to change soon. We have been listening to a driverless car for a long time. However, many of […]


Why do banks have ridiculous rules?

Few days ago, I was trying to withdraw some money (>10,000) from ‘my’ account to another account. The bank would not allow that as the amount is more than the transfer limit. Who set the limit? In whose interest is the limit? In this day and age of technology, is this model really the best? […]


The Banking Apocalypse.

The banking industry hasn’t changed in the last 300 years. Remember the Clint Eastwood movies where the bad guys were always trying to rob the bank?   The bank value proposition hasn’t changed much ever since. It was unsafe to keep all your life savings in your house or your pocket. So you needed a […]