Avoid buying a car!

Driving a car has not changed since the locomotive was invented. Of course the reliability of a car, the safety and the cost of cars have been going down for a long time. All this is going to change soon. We have been listening to a driverless car for a long time. However, many of us have not imagined how it changes things at home.




If you could drive (or be driven by tech) to the office/ mall, would you look for parking? What would you instruct your car? Obviously, some of us will ask our car to go find parking. But, why should a car sit idle for almost 7-8 hours in the parking? Wouldn’t be best suited to ferry other people? If so, do you need office/ mall car park?


What is going to happen to auto-pay companies? What is going to happen to buildings that have built parking? Would they be converted to office spaces?


How long would this take? Much sooner than you probably think. The only bottleneck again is regulation. Tech has been ready for some time. Uber recently tested driverless cars in Pittsburg.


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