Not sure if the customer has received the bills?

Finding it difficult to keep track of customer payments?

Feel that handling cash is very risky and time consuming?

Do not worry!!

PayAzu crafts a seamless payment experience especially for you
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KYC – Know Your Customer

We offer a portal through which you can get closer to your customer and engage him in a more fruitful manner. You can do this in less than 2 minutes.

Creative Development

We let you track your customer payments in real-time. This coupled with reminders is a powerful feature that improves payment recovery tremendously.

Remind customers to pay

Tired of sending physical reminders to your customers? Customers tend to forget the due dates. A simple 'single click reminder' helps them pay on time.

24/7 Availability

Let your customers pay their bills at their convenience. They don't have to go physically to your office to pay bills.

Seamless Money Transfer

We offer a seamless and cashless payment experience. You upload bills and start receiving money into your account.

Paperless Payments

Say bye bye to auto pay machines and cash registers. While this is convenient for everyone, it is also green.

How it Works


Register and upload bills

Signup to our service and upload your latest bills. This will only take 2 minutes.

Customers pay through app

The customers can view and also pay their bills through our IOS/Android apps.

Track payments

Through the web portal, you can track payments and send reminders to customers.
Signup in 2 minutes, no upfront fees and no transaction charge for the first month.
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Paperless Payments are more eco-friendly

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